Dawn Petrin Portrait

Dawn Petrin
Conversion Copywriter

Launch, Funnel and Email Specialist

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Dawn writes emails like a beast.

Nikki Elbaz Conversion Copywriter + Email Specialist

When I need my copy reviewed, any old pair of eyes won't do.

I need someone who won't get hung up on unimportant details. Someone who can stay focused on what matters: getting readers to take action.

That's why Dawn is one of the first people I go to when I need help.

She's not just a “wordsmith” or a proofreader.

She understands what converts and what doesn't.

Clearly, her experience working with A-list copywriters has paid off.

Andrew Yedlin - B2B and SaaS Conversion Copywriter

Working with Dawn absolutely rocked my world.

She eased all my fears and anxieties around copywriting, creating a quiz, an email sequence, and sales page.

All of them converted in a big way!

She literally seemed to be able to speak in my voice and in a way that my clients needed to hear.

It was truly amazing!

I don’t even want to tell anyone about her so I can keep it a secret and all to myself.

I loved working with her!

Amy Wine - Marriage Coach and Counselor